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Outcome Magazine, Inc. offers writing, data analysis and marketing internships to undergraduate and graduate students. Our intern positions are competitive and exciting, offering students ground breaking experiences and fundamental career development.

Eligibility: You may qualify for an internship if you are in the last year of your undergraduate studies, are pursuing a graduate degree, or if you have obtained an undergraduate or graduate degree within the last six months at the time you apply.

To apply:

I. Cover letter: Cover letter should include: areas of interests and studies, and reasons you are interested in interning with Outcome Magazine, Inc.
II. Resume/CV: Education and work experience, any volunteer positions and/or internships, awards or recommendations you’ve earned, skills, areas of expertise and computer competency
III. Your University/Department information
IV.  Writing intern candidates should also include writing samples

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About Our Intern Program

We take each intern’s learning, growth and future seriously and ensure that those who perform well are recognized for their achievements.

Length: Varies from four to twenty-four weeks depending on the project assignment.

Compensation: Project Based + Bonuses.

Application Process:

1. Interested candidates submit their application (resume and cover letter)

2. Our review board evaluates the candidates credentials and interests and makes contact with the qualifying candidates

3. The candidate is contacted initially for a phone interview, at which time other interview/processes are arranged.

At least 90% of the training, communication and work is done online. In case we need you to come to our headquarter’s in Loveland, CO. Outcome Magazine will cover all the expenses associated with the visit.

At Outcome Magazine you will be actively involved in applying and developing your skills and education.

Applications for internships are accepted all year long.

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